Keeping seniors fit and active

Consistent physical activity in seniors can slow down the aging process and keep seniors independent

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One in three Albertans over 65 will fall at least once a year. We all know that as we age our balance and strength weakens, but there are simple ways we can slow down the aging process.

“Seniors are valuable members of our community”, said Dr. Kathy Belton, Associate Director of the Injury Prevention Centre, “it’s everyone’s responsibility to provide seniors with the tools and resources that will motivate them to take action to prevent falls.”

Seniors should try to do at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity five days a week. Activities like tai chi, dancing and cross-country skiing are lots of fun, and great ways to strengthen arm and leg muscles!

Seniors should do activities that focus on four key areas:

  • Balance: exercises in a standing position or tai chi
  • Strength: wall push-ups, stair climbing or exercises with weights or bands
  • Endurance: walking, dancing, cycling or cross-country skiing
  • Flexibility: stretching, yoga or tai chi

“There are lots of simples exercises that seniors can do at home”, says Kathy Belton, “but it’s also important for seniors to have opportunities to socialize and build a support system.”

We are proud to promote our Seniors’ 150 for 150 Challenge and Prescription to Get Active!

We challenge seniors 65 and older to do 150 minutes of physical activity for each week of November – that’s 30 minutes of being active five days a week. Walk, hike, dance, stretch and have some fun with friends or spend some extra time with the grand kids. All your favourite activities count towards your goal!

Easily keep track of your progress, and find activities across the country using the Canada 150 Passport.

And, don’t forget to visit your doctor for your Prescription To Get Active. Seniors can access partner facilities and local recreation centres for free passes, classes and more. Find a complete list of participating locations and their offers to Prescription To Get Active patients here.

Additional resources and information about seniors’ fitness can be found at

Finding Balance is a province-wide seniors’ falls prevention campaign that runs for the month of November. It was developed by the Injury Prevention Centre in partnership with healthcare providers and community groups.