About RxTGA

Our initiative is dedicated to getting Canadians of all ages more physically active.

About Us

This uniquely designed prescription gives healthcare partners the opportunity to discuss the importance of physical activity and grant patients access to community recreation. This motivational tool breaks down barriers and encourages patients to find the right activities for them as they work towards a healthier life.

Our Vision

More Canadians are active due to an integrated partnership between healthcare and recreation.

Our Mission

To utilize physical activity prescriptions to promote active living within the community.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to improving the health of Canadians by providing an impactful program and making physical activity the most powerful prescription given.

The goal of the program is to support individuals to become more active, to equip doctors and their healthcare teams with the tools to educate their patients on the importance of physical activity and to partner with recreation facilities to provide accessible spaces within all communities.

How does it work?

Step 1: Healthcare practicioners and their healthcare teams identify patients who are:

  • Below the Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines.
    • Less than 60 minutes per day for children and youth (0-17 years old)
    • Less than 150 minutes per week for adults and seniors (18-65+ years old)
  • Able to participate in unsupervised physical activity without medical clearance.

Step 2: Prescribers then write a specially designed prescription to their patients.

Step 3: Patients record their prescription on this website.

Step 4: Patients start moving at home and in their communities.

  • Physical activity resources are provided through the website to help get patients started.
  • Patients can also fill their prescriptions at participating recreation facilities and receive free trial access.

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