Sports have many benefits—perhaps the best benefit is that they're fun.

What is it?

Exploring different sports is a great way to stay active for life. Joining a sports team can help you to stay motivated and makes getting active even more fun with the support of a team.

Why you should play sports

The benefits of sports include:

  • Feeling more energized, decreasing stress and improving mood
  • Meeting new people
  • Increasing heart health and circulation

Who is it for?

Sports are not just for children; adults can enjoy a game too! The best part of playing a sport is being active but also having fun.

Where to go

Community recreation leagues are a fantastic way to join a sports team, and don’t worry, all fitness and skill levels are welcome.

What you’ll need

The equipment needed for playing a sport depends entirely on what sport you are interested in. Racket sports, such as tennis, simply require an activity partner, a racket and a ball. Contacting a team representative is the best way to make sure you have everything needed to get in the game.

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