Yes—stretching counts as physical activity, and it's important too.

What is it?

Stretching is an excellent activity you can do for your health and is usually overlooked. These simple, yet effective moves can help you get moving and loosened up anytime.

Why you should stretch

The benefits of stretching include:

  • Preventing injury, improving balance, and avoiding falls
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Helping relieve arthritis, back, and knee pain

Who is it for?

Absolutely everyone can and should stretch. Stretching strengthens your muscles, making it easier to move daily.

Where to go

Simple stretches are doable no matter where you are. Yes, even at work. A quick stretching session can break up your day, get your blood pumping to your muscles, and help you reach your activity goals.

If you want a little more of a challenge, find a yoga or Pilates class in your community to turn up the intensity. A certified instructor can teach you the proper moves and techniques.

What you’ll need

Short of a little space and non-restricting clothing, you don’t need any equipment to get stretching. Some may find a yoga mat beneficial to prevent slipping.

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