Water activities like aqua aerobics or recreational swimming can benefit your health, and are suitable for all ages.

What is it?

Swimming is an activity that is loved by many and for good reason. This low impact activity has big impacts on your health. Moving your arms and legs in the water gets all your muscles and joints moving while it increases your heart rate and breathing—essential elements to good aerobic exercise.

Why you should swim

The benefits of swimming include:

  • Provides cardiovascular and muscular workout that’s easy on the bones and joints
  • Boosts mood and relieves stress
  • Works the whole body and even some under-used muscles

Who is it for?

Although swimming is great for everyone, it is a perfect activity for someone with injuries or joint pain. Whether you are interested in swimming a few laps, joining an upbeat aquatics class, or splashing around with family and friends, swimming is a great form of activity.

Where to go

The summer months are a fantastic time to enjoy outdoor facilities but many recreation centres throughout the community have wonderfully maintained pools for you to explore, even in the winter.

What you’ll need

This low cost activity simply requires a bathing suit and the desire to have fun. You may also find extra equipment such as goggles or fins to be useful.

If you are brand new to swimming, lessons are a great place to pick up some skills. Recreation facilities offer classes for babies to adults, and some even specialize in lessons for nervous swimmers.


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