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More than 90% of doctors in Alberta are writing prescriptions for physical activity. Talk to your doctor today about getting a Prescription To Get Active so you can explore recreation facilities for free in your community.


Water activities like aqua aerobics or recreational swimming can benefit your health, and are suitable for all ages.

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Walking is one of the best forms of activity. It is easy, free and for everybody.

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Yes—stretching counts as physical activity, and it’s important too.

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Strength Training

Strength training activities are something you can do anytime and anywhere. Let us show you how.

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If you are new to activity, balance exercises are a great place to start.

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Dancing is a great form of activity for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

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Sports have many benefits—perhaps the best benefit is that they’re fun.

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Whether you are cycling outdoors or inside on a stationary bike, cycling is a great activity.

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Worried you have zero flexibility and yoga isn’t for you? Think again.

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