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More than 32 million Canadians are not getting enough physical activity, leading to decreased quality of life, chronic diseases and a $10 billion annual burden to the Canadian health care system. Because of this, the Prescription To Get Active program unites healthcare and recreation in an innovative way to address this global concern.

Take a stand with us against the fourth leading cause of death and help get Canadians more active.


Facilities and organizations that offer a place for patients to get active.

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The doctors and their healthcare teams that write prescriptions to patients.

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Existing members within the same area that join together to bring this program to communities across Canada.

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Organizations that want to support the program and its initiative in other ways.

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Our Members

This enthusiastic team of members know the value of physical activity and are determined to get Canadians moving within their communities. Driven by this mission, our members work together to bridge healthcare and recreation to deliver a program like no other.

What is Prescription To Get Active?

See how our dedicated members all across Canada are working together to get communities more healthy.

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