What is a Chapter?

Chapters are an integral part of the Prescription To Get Active program and consist of enthusiastic program members who work together to provide the program to their communities. These groups are made up of recreation, healthcare and supporters who oversee the program growth and efficacy in a specific region.

Benefits of having a Chapter

Starting a Chapter helps to:

  • build a community of like-minded individuals
  • gives you a support network for implementing the program in your community
  • bring attention to this unique program and it’s mission
  • opens up the opportunity to get more local funding and grow the program

Becoming a Chapter

If a Chapter doesn’t currently exist in your area, the board of directors can assist you in creating one. To start a Chapter in your region you require at least one healthcare member and one recreation member.

Forming a Chapter can be done in two steps.

  1. Review the Chapter Toolkit.
  2. Submit your application and we will contact you.

Our Chapters

Looking to join your local Chapter? Contact us today.

  • Chinook Chapter
  • Greater Edmonton Chapter
  • Calgary Area Chapter
  • Ontario Chapter

Chapter Resources

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