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We know talking to patients about physical activity can be challenging – lack of time, confidence or competing priorities can get in the way. Let Prescription To Get Active be the simple way to start the conversation.

This prescription not only acts as a tool for healthcare teams, but empowers patients to get active by providing them with resources and access to community recreation.

Be sure to read the How to become a member document before applying.

Watch this 3-minute video to learn more about how the program works.

Who can prescribe?

Prescribers are members who write prescriptions directly to patients. These consist of doctors and members of their healthcare team such as nurses, behavioural counsellors, pharmacists, exercise specialists and many more.

Although we encourage all healthcare professionals to become physical activity advocates, Prescription To Get Active prescribers are required to be in a clinical or counselling setting and must be directly affiliated with a doctor.

Members would not include healthcare professionals with a private business or organization. For example, a private physiotherapy, chiropractic, psychology clinic or community pharmacist that does not have an affiliation with a family doctor would not be included as a prescriber.

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